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Dr. Brown’s Spring-Summer 2021 Skincare Tips

RéVive Skincare, Renessence Hair and Bays Beauty Boutique Founder Dr. Gregory Bays Brown – noted scientist/plastic surgeon/Louisville native – shares his top skincare tips for Spring-Summer 2021, as we gently emerge from the past year, one like no other. For further questions about Dr. Brown’s skincare/haircare/beauty regimen, please contact our product specialist Diane Ernst via call or text at 502.413.0256, M-F 10am-5pm.

      •  The best products for puffy eyes? RéVive Skincare Masques des Yeux and Les Yeux. Both have hyaluronic acid which helps with volume loss which can add to the appearance of puffiness. Even though that sounds counterintuitive, bio-renewal protein promotes cell renewal and metalloproteinase inhibitors, which deliver firmness.
      • For men? I recommend our RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Night Cream, which can combat ingrown beard problems and oily skin and, for day ReVive Sensitive Renewal Cream both night and day, plus a cleanser followed by our toner.
      • What is Epidermal Growth Factor? A naturally-occurring hormone/protein which promotes cell renewal. As we age, biological processes naturally slow; by stimulating skin renewal we combat the signs of aging with EGF.
      • Why is sunscreen (SPF) so important? Sun spots are the scourge of UV sun rays…they develop slowly over a number of years. The most important aspect in treating them is sun protection and our ReVive Perfectif line of products which includes Perfectif Day and Night Serums, plus our new Perfectif Night Cream with Retinol, and Perfectif Day Cream SPF 30 will do the trick.

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