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Dr. Brown featured in Australia’s Par Olive digital beauty & wellness magazine

Dr. Gregory Brown is the Founder of the exquisite RéVive skincare line. The curated skincare line was created from studying burn victims, their healing time and skin rejuvenation process as a Plastic Surgeon in New York City. His extensive knowledge in the field of Plastic Surgery, paired with the use of Nobel-Prize winning science produces extraordinary results in his clients around the globe. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with the wonderful Dr. Gregory Brown about all things anti-aging, the right skincare regime for someone in their 20’s and 30’s, the novel that changed his life and how nutrition determines the quality of your skin.

Dr. Gregory Brown, you truly are your own best brand ambassador with the most exquisite skin. Could you share your personal approach to your skincare and wellness regime?
One has to enjoy life, but I think everything in moderation; moderate exercise, a low glycemic index diet with an occasional splurge, abstinence from extremes, and be happy as one can be. Probably the single most important thing anyone can do for their skin is to wear sunscreen – especially in Australia. As a teenager I got a lot of sun and am now paying the price since sun exposure is cumulative over a lifetime. Moisturising is also key, dry flaky skin can also age someone over time.

How have you been spending your time in lockdown during COVID?
I have been on my farm in Kentucky. I have horses, chickens, dogs and cats and a garden so it has kept me busy, plus I’ve ridden my bike a lot on our country roads. I feel very blessed to have this as an option to my apartment in NYC where things were quite dire – I’m pleased that Manhattan is getting better and I plan on returning soon.

What sparked you to create the RéVive range and build your own skincare empire?
I never set out to have a skincare company, it grew out of research I did on burn victims while I was in training to be a Plastic Surgeon. Biotechnology had just come to the forefront in medicine and I was fortunate enough to have access to the newly bioengineered epidermal growth factors.

What are the two products in the RéVive range that everyone needs and why?
I always say if you could only try one RéVive product it would be our Moisturising Renewal Cream. The next would be sunscreen.

What are the essential skincare products someone in their 20’s and 30’s should be using to combat premature signs of ageing and free radical damage to keep skin looking vibrant and refreshed?
I think a skincare routine needs to be simple so that a person will commit to it over the long haul. Individuals in their 20’s and 30’s are experiencing a planet with growing environmental issues that didn’t exist when I was younger, so my recommendation would be; sun protection, moisturizer and a good antioxidant. At RéVive we have a wonderful environmental antioxidant booster, Defensif, that can be added in drop form to any cream – I highly recommend it along with the Moisturizing Renewal Cream Nightly Retexturizer.

Do you have a favourite book that has shaped your career, brand or life in any way?
Yes, the biography of Peggy Guggenheim, Peggy: The Wayward Guggenheim was pivotal for me with regards to collecting art, which is an important part of my life. Peggy Guggenheim amassed one of the most significant collections of the twentieth century with limited financial means since her father had lost most of her inheritance. She collected many masterpieces with limited dollars and appreciated a great sense of genius when she saw it. That she was able to amass such a collection, which let me know one doesn’t have to be a zillionaire or even wealthy to collect great art, which was a true inspiration.

Do you believe nutrition and wellness has an impact on skin health? If so, are there any foods or supplements you recommend?
I definitely believe diet has a huge impact on overall wellness and is closely linked with skin health. A low glycemic index and a well-balanced diet is so important. Glycation (sugar deposits) on proteins is ageing and contributes to diseases of old age such as; diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and more. Any carbohydrate that causes an insulin spike or is immediately absorbed can do this, for example, white bread, white rice, sugar, potato etc.

Lastly, where is your favourite holiday destination you can’t wait to travel to once restrictions are lifted?
Well, I really love my two homes in NYC and Kentucky. I will be so happy to get back to NYC!

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