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About Dr. Gregory Bays Brown

RéVive Skincare and Bays Beauty Boutique founder Dr. Gregory Bays Brown is a Louisville native and noted plastic surgeon. A magna cum laude graduate from the University of Louisville, he served his general surgical internship and residency at Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard University and the University of Louisville, and then became a fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University.

Dr. Brown’s understanding of the skin, along with the application of Nobel Prize-winning science, resulted in the creation of his groundbreaking RéVive Skincare right here in Louisville. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, this iconic, globally acclaimed brand is sold exclusively in Kentuckiana at Bays Beauty Boutique, as it was when it premiered in 1997. For our new blog series ‘Ask Dr. Brown’ he’ll field a variety of questions and share his thoughts regarding the state of skincare and beauty in general.

How does RéVive differentiate itself from the very competitive field of skincare and the various products now available, especially since its launch 20 years ago?
RéVive is the most natural of skincare products even though it is highly technological, as there are no receptors on human cells for plant molecules. However, there are for the bioengineered ingredients in RéVive; therefore, skin recognizes RéVive products as ‘self’, not foreign, a HUGE difference for the so-called ‘natural’ products.

There are a multitude of RéVive products in the collection from cleansers to serums; which one RéVive product would you recommend for men & women alike, at any age, to add to his/her skincare regimen & why?
I always say, if one only purchases a single RéVive product, it should be Moisturizing Renewal Cream, the very first product we launched 20 years ago. A retexturizing, hydrating night cream, it gently exfoliates, renews and moisturizes facial skin.

Have a skincare and/or beauty question for Dr. Brown? Please email specialist@baysboutique.com and we’ll post his answers in an upcoming blog installment.


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